Reiki Level 2 Training

Are you ready to dive deeper into your healing practice?

Reiki Level 2 invites you to connect further into your healing power and your intuition. It’s an opportunity to trust yourself along with the Reiki energy in a more complex manner , whether that is in self-treatments, treating others or in your day to day life.

We explore  a deeper level what healing means to us and integrate balancing our logical and intuitive mind along with our ability to move from duality (light/dark, positive/negative) towards a place of curiosity where we stop labelling and judging and open ourselves to wholeness.

Officially, this level is required if you’d like to practice Reiki professionally (and ethically), but many students choose Reiki 2 simply to enhance their own inner power and healing ability.

Above all, I invite you to experience the feeling of your ‘true self’ beneath all the ‘stuff’ that life holds – to tap into the peace, calm, compassion, silence, stillness, happiness, love and excitement within.

What will you learn?

What will you get?

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