Distance Healing

Distance healing or remote healing as it’s also called involves sending healing to a person or situation. Reiki can be given through personal sessions where the client is present for the healing or through distance healing. As the names suggest, the client and practitioner are not together during the remote healing session. In fact, the healer and the client may not even be in the same country. The distance doesn’t really matter. If required a visual connection via Video call can be arranged. 

The healing is possible as energy healing doesn’t require close proximity. The energy is transferred to the person receiving the treatment via thought, emotion, and intention. The healing energy directed has intentions to heal, so it will positively affect the recipient. Distant healings can be just as effective as a one on one healing session. Some of my clients experienced them as an even more powerful outcome than a “one on one“ treatment.

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Investment: 80€ 

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Investment for Reiki Distance Healing Session: €80

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